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We've got your back covered!

So, you’re one of the proud Lavunett frames wearers? Congrats! Let’s keep this good thing going.

We provide a twelve (12) month warranty on all our products. If you have a problem with your product, please contact, our team will be more than happy to help you find a solution.

We understand that every case is unique, but we do have a general approach to dealing with glasses damaged during the 12 month warranty period:

If a product is defective, we will replace it for free. If the same item isn’t available anymore, we’ll exchange it for something similar, or give you a refund.


We do have some exceptions to the rule.

We can’t replace them if the following applies to your glasses:

  • They were damaged deliberately or through neglect

  • They have been used improperly or carelessly

  • They have normal wear and tear

  • They have been damaged by cleaning without following our care guide


If your frames are damaged beyond repair outside of the twelve-month warranty period, we’re sorry, but we can’t replace them. Maybe it’s time for a new look?

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