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Reading glasses are required for clear vision and to prevent eye strain when it becomes difficult to read prints or see objects up close. Reading glasses are a solution to correct vision without any medical procedures when objects appear blurring or double to eyes at a closer look. 




Glasses designed in France and handcrafted with state-of-the-art materials.



Free shipping and free returns in Europe within 30 days, always.

No hassle, never.



For every pair of glasses sold a pair is donated to someone in need.



Yes that's true! Our Home Try-On program allows you to try four glasses for four (4) days— for free. In Germany, France and the UK only - For now.

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When Reading glasses are required?

Reading glasses or Reader glasses are necessary if the vision is affected by Presbyopia i.e. the inability of the eyes to focus on closer objects; whereas the eyes can focus on distant objects easily. Presbyopia or long-sightedness is a very common condition of eyes which occurs when the eyes lose elasticity of its natural lens in old age and it persists life‐ long. Glasses for reading are required if any one or more of these following symptoms are noticed:

  • Persistent eye strain, headache, painful or watery eyes.

  • Attaining old age generally 40s.

  • Inability to read at arm’s length or in dim light.

  • Difficult to do needle work.

  • Squinting eyes to read.

  • Halo appears around light or bulbs.

  • Viewing laptop, smart phones, tablets etc. from closer appear blur.

  • After surgery certain surgeries like cataract, if recommended by medical practitioner.

Power Strength of Reading glasses

Reading glasses are convex and have a magnifying lens which carries a specific power which is measured in Dioptres. The lowest power is generally +0.75 and the highest is +8.00. Reading glasses strength chart is quite helpful and easiest method of assessing the power. These charts carry printed alphabets or numbers are displayed at a distance of 14-16 inches away from eyes in various rows with diminishing size/ fonts. That row where eyes are unable to read further or the font appears blur, decides the power of the reading glasses required. In rare cases, consulting a doctor is a better option if the eye strain and headache continues even after using reading glasses.

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Are Reader glasses different from Sunglasses, Computer glasses and Distant glasses?

Reader Glasses carry vision correcting properties for farsightedness. On the other hand, sunglasses are useful against protecting eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun; while computer glasses perform glare resistance and digital X‐blue light blocking functions. Apparently, distance glasses are required to correct nearsightedness with the lens power range of ‐0.50 to ‐10.

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Eye Test Glasses

Non-Prescription and Prescription for Reading Glasses

Prescription glasses have lens which correct defected vision caused due to nearsightedness, farsightedness or both. The prescription glasses with a defined power lens can correct vision if it is difficult to view objects at distance, close up or both. When eyes are examined by a medical practitioner or expert optometrist, the documented opinion consisting of prescription is followed to craft the glasses in conformity to the same. Apart from nearsightedness and farsightedness, prescription glasses are able to correct vision defects caused due to Diplopia (with a prism in the lens), nystagmus (with a magnifying lens), astigmatism (with a concave lens having cylindrical number and relevant axis) etc. Non-prescription glasses are not meant to correct any vision defects. They do not possess correcting lenses in them and anyone can wear them even if eyesight is perfect. These glasses are trending due to their fashion quotient, to appear stylish or used as protecting glasses having tinted lenses, anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-blue-light coating. Reading glasses for men and women can be prescription glasses or over the counter reading glasses with similar power strength in both lenses.



Reading glasses with corrective lens are beneficial to...

  • Clear and improved vision

  • Prevent further damage to eyes in case of old age.

  • Wear all time without any side effects.

  • Prevent eye strain, puffiness, teary or red eyes and headache.

  • It becomes easier to read, do needle work, and use digital devices ﴾namely computers, laptops, tablet, mobile etc.﴿ at a closer distance.

  • For doing any routine work that require eye for ultra‐details like doing make‐up, cooking, trimming nails etc.

  • Boon for professionals who pay rigorous attention to minute things such as reading mails, carpenter, jewellery designers, dress designers, medical practitioners, computer professionals etc

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