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Combat The Digital Eyestrain

Fewer Headaches. Better Sleep. Better Vision. We spend more than twelve hours a day in front of digital devices. Blue light emitted by LED screens can cause damage to the retina, eye strain, and sleep cycle disruption. Lavunett blue-light-filtering lenses help to fight back.

A smart solution to fight blue light emitted by digital devices. In the current digital era, we are constantly exposed to blue light emitted by computers, tablets, and mobile phones, which can cause damage to the retina and cause eye strain, eye fatigue, and even sleep cycle disruption. Our blue-light-filtering lenses block most of the strongest blue light wavelengths, reducing stress in the eye’s ciliary muscle. From classic to contemporary styles, our frames give you the ultimate in comfort by being flexible, lightweight, and strong. We’ve designed beautiful and colourful styles that feel comfortable on your skin.

Who wears blue light blocking glasses? People who sit in front of a computer all day, who have trouble sleeping, who suffer from eye strain or eye irritation from looking at a screen for too long, who work in an office or school environment, or who play video games every day.

Don't need glasses?  No problem! Our Screen Glasses are non-prescription frames fitted with blue-light-filtering lenses to block those misbehaving blue rays.

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