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Blue light blocking glasses

If you’re tied to your devices, these lenses may help. They filter more blue light than our classic lenses. We promise you less headaches and better sleep. Add them to any glasses, with or without a prescription.

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Blue Light Glasses

If you spend most of your day in‐front of digital devices such as Tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops etc. Blue light glasses is the answer to protect your eyes. Constant exposure to digital blue light could lead to minor headache and eye‐fatigue. We’ve engineered the most advanced blue light filtering glasses ‐ In today’s world where we’re surrounded with all types of digital devices, a strong protection is much needed against them. Even small children are exposed to Tablet screens which could be harmful for their delicate eyes. We suggest users to use blue light blocking glasses not only as their most intimate accessory but also as a modern day protection against the digital screens.

Standard lenses & Blue light blocking lenses

Though standard anti-glare lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, they are not able to reflect 100% of the blue light. Blue reflect technology is specially designed for the modern age millennials who spend 80% of their time in-front of the digital screens.


Standard lenses

Blue light blocking lenses

A smart solution to fight blue light emitted by digital devices.

In the current digital era, we are constantly exposed to blue light emitted by computers, tablets, and mobile phones, which can cause damage to the retina and cause eye strain, eye fatigue, and even sleep cycle disruption. Lavunett blue-light-filtering lenses block most of the strongest blue light wavelengths, reducing stress in the eye’s ciliary muscle.

From classic to contemporary styles, our frames give you the ultimate in comfort by being flexible, lightweight, and strong. We’ve designed beautiful and colourful styles that feel comfortable on your skin.

Who wears blue light blocking glasses?


People who sit in front of a computer all day, who have trouble sleeping, who suffer from eye strain or eye irritation from looking at a screen for too long, who work in an office or school environment, or who play video games every day. If you spend most of your day in‐front of digital devices such as Tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops etc. Blue light glasses is the answer to protect your eyes.

blue light blocking glasses

Don't need glasses? 

No problem! Lavunett Blue Light Glasses are non-prescription frames fitted with blue-light-filtering lenses to block those misbehaving blue rays.

Frequently asked questions about Blue Light

Can I wear blue light blocking glasses even if I don't have any prescription?

Everyone who uses smartphones, tablets and laptops in the modern age needs protection against the blue rays. Whether you have prescription or not.

How much does blue light filtering lenses cost ?

You can add digital blue light filtering lenses on any of your favourite Lavunett designer frames at an additional price of £50.

Do Blue Light blocking glasses have UVs protection coating ?

Yes all the Lavunett digital blue light blocking glasses come fully loaded with 99% UVs protection for everyday use.

Can I get digital blue light lenses with any frames at Lavunett ?

Yes, All the Lavunett frames can be customised with blue light lenses.

Do blue light glasses help with eye strain ?

Yes, blue light glasses unburden your eyes from the strain put on by watching screens all day.

Can I wear blue light glasses all the time ?

Yes, they are meant to be used just like any other pair of eyewear. You can wear blue light glasses when working on screens and wear them all day if you have been prescribed corrective lenses by an optician.

Are blue light blocking glasses safe ?

Absolutely, blue light blocking glasses provide safety against digital screens. They are safe to wear and go a long way in keeping your eyes relaxed.

Are blue light glasses and computer glasses the same ?

Well, it depends on how you talk about it. Computer glasses and blue light glasses exist for the same purpose,i.e., to protect against harmful blue light emitted from screens. While people generally require only protection when it comes to buying computer glasses. Blue light glasses can come with single-vision lenses, varifocal lenses, or non-prescription ones.

How can I protect my eyes from computer ?

Working or playing on computers all day will strain your eyes and the blue light emitting from these screens can harm your retina. Lavunett computer glasses, digital eye strain glasses or blue light blocking glasses work brilliantly when it comes to protecting against the harmful rays.

Do I need a prescription for computer glasses ?

Prescriptions are only meant to correct refractive errors. If you had an eye-check recently and weren’t prescribed lenses by your eyes specialist, you won’t need one before ordering computer glasses to protect against the light emitting from computer screens.

Do computer glasses really help ?

Research shows that blue light emanating from screens can be extremely harmful to your retina. Computer screen glasses work wonders when it comes to throwing off the harmful rays coming from the computer screen.

Can computer glasse damage your eyes ?

No, they absolutely can’t. In fact, computer glasses exist so that you can work or play on the computer unhindered by the harmful blue light emanating off it.

Do blue light blocking glasses for computers really reduce stress and improve your sleep ?

Yes. There’s no doubt about that. To know how blue light blocking glasses benefit us, you will need to understand how our bodies operate with blue light around. Our bodies secrete the hormone ‘melatonin’ when it gets dark to help us sleep. But, in the age where we use screens all day long and even at night, the body does not receive this signal of darkness to induce ‘melatonin’. This hampers our sleep cycle.
Blue light blocking glasses stop the blue light from reaching our eyes. Using them helps ensure no such false signal of it being daytime (when it’s sleep time) is sent to the body. Because of this the body induces melatonin at the right time, helping us sleep properly when we want. And with better quality sleep comes a reduction in stress as well. So, that’s killing two birds with one stone. Even in daylight when we use computer or smartphone, the constant blue light absorption hurts our eyes and deviates concentration often leading to regular eye-strain, dry eye and headaches but with an active protection like blue light glasses, it slows down to zero.

Which blue light blocking glasses should you use when using a computer ?

If you need vision correction, whether single vision or varifocal, we suggest having a coating of ‘Digital blue light protection’ on your regular prescription pair. Otherwise, you should use a pair of non-prescription ones with the same coating when using a computer. Also, it’s always better if your lenses are loaded with anti-glare and anti-UV coatings. With Specscart you don’t have to worry about this particular aspect, as all our lenses come fully loaded. That too, at no extra cost.

What are the best glasses to protect our eyes against the blue light emitted from computers ?

The best glasses for eye protection are firstly blue light blocking glasses that help you solve the issues of eye-strain and dry-eyes while enhancing clarity of vision. Specscart offers a coating of ‘digital blue light protection’ that helps ensure these qualities exist in your glasses. Plus, the anti-glare coating that comes free with all our glasses block 100% UVA and UVB rays. Blue light majorly harms with the UV rays that it projects. For that reason, Specscart also adds an anti-UV coating with its glasses for free to provide you 99% protection against the harmful UV rays.

Will blue light blocking glasse will help with digital eye-strain ?

Yes. With exposure to blue light from the screens, your eyes require you to put in some extra effort to muddle along with the HEV (High Energy Visible) wavelengths of the blue light. Now, with the use of blue light blocking glasses, you’ll notice your eyes feel less tired at the end of the day because they no longer need to work hard. What’s more, your eyes will look less visibly red than usual.




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