Protect your eyes from harmful emission of blue light rays.

What is digital eye-strain?

We spend more than twelve hours a day in front of digital devices. Blue light emitted by LED screens can cause damage to the retina, eye strain, and sleep cycle disruption. The digital eye-strain is a severe optical condition where you feel eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, burning, itchiness, or dry eyes.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

Digital eye-strain glasses or blue light blocking glasses block out harmful artificial blue light rays that’s responsible for causing several types of digital eye-strain. It causes disruption in melatonin production and circadian rhythm while also making you feel tired and unproductive. Digital eye-strain glasses provide protection to your eyes while keeping it free from constant eye-strain, headaches and dry eyes while also making you feel refreshed and active throughout the day.

How do Blue Light Glasses work?

Digital eye-strain glasses or blue light blocking glasses block out harmful blue light rays emitted by the several types of digital devices. It provides active protection from continuous absorption and significantly reduces the negative impacts of digital consumption.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Digital Eye-strain / Blue light blocking glasses offer significant improvements and changes like

A smart solution to fight blue light emitted by digital devices.

In the current digital era, we are constantly exposed to blue light emitted by computers, tablets, and mobile phones, which can cause damage to the retina and cause eye strain, eye fatigue, and even sleep cycle disruption. Lavunett blue-light-filtering lenses block most of the strongest blue light wavelengths, reducing stress in the eye’s ciliary muscle.

From classic to contemporary styles, our frames give you the ultimate in comfort by being flexible, lightweight, and strong. We’ve designed beautiful and colourful styles that feel comfortable on your skin.

Who wears blue light blocking glasses?

People who sit in front of a computer all day, who have trouble sleeping, who suffer from eye strain or eye irritation from looking at a screen for too long, who work in an office or school environment, or who play video games every day. If you spend most of your day in‐front of digital devices such as Tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops etc. Blue light glasses is the answer to protect your eyes.

Don't need glasses? 

No problem! Lavunett Blue Light Glasses are non-prescription frames fitted with blue-light-filtering lenses to block those misbehaving blue rays.

Frequently asked questions about digital eye-strain

Is digital eye-strain permanent?

Digital eye-strain is not a permanent but temporary eye condition. However, if not treated, it can cause lifelong eye diseases.

Can I wear digital eye-strain glasses even if I don't have any prescription?

We all use digital devices hence we all need protection. Lavunett digital eye-strain glasses are available in both prescription and non- prescription so we all can keep our eyes protected.

How much does digital eye-strain glasses cost ?

You can add digital eye-strain coating on any of your favourite Lavunett designer frames at an additional price of £50.

How does digital eye-strain impact our lives ?

Digital eye-strain creates a disruption in our workflow, causing a consistent burning sensation and loss of focus. It also impacts our natural sleeping habits.

Can I get digital eye-strain glasses at any frames at Lavunett ?

Yes, all frames are equipped for digital eye-strain coating. It’s an additional coating that can be done on any type of non-prescription, single vision or varifocal glasses.

What can I do to lessen the effect of harmful digital rays ?

If you feel like, you are also one of those who spend a lot of time on digital devices. You can take frequent breaks from the screen or wear digital eye-strain glasses as they are well known for a significant decrease in uncomfortable eye strain. The glasses actively shield your delicate eyes by blocking or reflecting those harmful rays falling on the lens.

Are digital eye-strain glasses available in fashionnable frames ?

Lavunett digital eye strain glasses apart from their miraculously blocking out the harmful blue light rays also gives you a fashion edge. Lavunett digital eye strain glasses are made in all sorts of beautiful design, style and texture to fit your mood, occasion and personality. All our glasses are designed in-house in Paris and mae from state-of-the-art material. Check our design and production process here.

Are smartphones responsible for causing digital eye-strain ?

Yes! Smartphones are the biggest and the most prevalent digital devices that are at fault for causing digital eye strain, headaches and dry eyes, etc. Smartphones and all the other devices with digital screens transmit harmful blue light rays.

What are the ways to eradicate digital eye-strain ?

The most comfortable and efficient solution to completely eradicate eye strain is eyeglasses with a digital eye strain filter. At Lavunett, these specialised filters can be incorporated in all sorts of frames and prescription for £50.

Addition to digital eye strain glasses, other helpful ways include:

  • Limit the long hours of use of digital devices.
  • Increase the size of the text to avoid leaning closer to the screen.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule, take breaks and create distances.
  • Open blue light filter on your smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Sit at an arm’s distance from the screen for viewing or watching stuff.

How many hours do we spend in front of digital devices ?

Most of us, on an average day, spend almost 4 to 5 hours staring at our smartphones and tablets. Professionals whose work involves computers and laptops, that is almost all the adult generation spend complete 8 hours in a day. 54% of teens spend their time on smartphones and 42% confess using social media for longer hours than any other activity.

What’re the symptoms of digital eye-strain?

The most common symptoms of Digital eye-strain involves